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Casual Friday: “ZOSHO? – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa’ Dat!”

The Midwest Sole coverage earlier this week, exposing the Zosho from Lugz was…. Interesting. The summary, if you missed it, was discovery, amazement, hilarity and virility. Since the post of the article, the number of hits and shares to the article written by @WeavertheGreat has multiplied faster than gremlins dropped into a local swimming pool. […]

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Lugz Zosho

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so it’s no surprise when companies copy a design detail or colorway that’s proved to be popular, it happens all the time. Lugz however have gone all out with their “Zosho” model. If the silhouette above looks familiar thats because it’s almost identical to Nike’s Roshe […]

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