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Nike Roshe Run Mid Winter

Nike’s Winter and Fall releases have flooded or timelines and internet screens for the passed several weeks and there seems to be some interesting releases coming to shelves, some with a more unique spin on withstanding the cold than others. The Nike Rosherun has already been dubbed a fan favorite, from it’s comfort to its […]

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Casual Friday: “ZOSHO? – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa’ Dat!”

The Midwest Sole coverage earlier this week, exposing the Zosho from Lugz was…. Interesting. The summary, if you missed it, was discovery, amazement, hilarity and virility. Since the post of the article, the number of hits and shares to the article written by @WeavertheGreat has multiplied faster than gremlins dropped into a local swimming pool. […]

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Nike Roshe Run “Split” Pack – Summer 2013

The Nike Rosherun: the ever-changing, evolving, adaptive canvas brought to you by the simplistic zen inspiration from the mind of Dylan Raasch – the designer behind the Roshe. Thus far Nike has pushed the envelope – blending color blocking, material choices, and functionality on the Nike creation. One of those creations came in the form […]

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