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Interview with JBF Customs

Incomparable, a word defined by the Oxford English dictionary as, “without an equal in quality or extent; matchless.” Many people would agree that Jake Ferrato, otherwise known as JBF customs, work on custom sneaker reconstructions could fit that bill. While Jake has been customising shoes since he was 16 his work this year has really […]

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Interview with @EaglesandHeat

Most of us have had contact with DMV Sneakers, and if you haven’t, you should start right now! He is a humble guy out of the DMV who really looks out for anyone who cherishes a fresh pair of sneakers. If you are looking to buy, or sell, @EaglesandHeat is always one of the first […]

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1 on 1 with @NightWing2303

Everybody loves Chris. No, I’m not talking about that ill fated TV show based on Chris Rock’s childhood. Let me rephrase that. Everybody loves Nightwing2303. Am I getting through to you now? Yes? Good, that’s what I thought! For the very few who still have no idea about who I’m talking about, I’m talking about […]

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