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Profile: CivilWrites – Stand For Something…

Atlanta based duo Draft Pickington and Sean Emcee are CivilWrites. Hailing from a city known for quality Hip Hop music through the years, Draft and Sean will looking to make their own mark with the release of their debut record, and in the process bring the realness that’s been sadly lacking recently back to rap […]

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Sneaker Moments: The Man With The Golden Shoes

There are certain moments in sports history that will forever be tied to sneakers, moments ingrained in our memories not just because of the events on the court, or field, or track, but also because of what was on the athlete’s feet at the time. The moment that stands head and shoulders above the rest […]

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A history of violence

With reports that a man has been shot and killed outside Wish in Atlanta while attempting to rob those camping for the Lebron X Denim release this morning more bad press coverage is sure to come sneakerheads way. Anytime something like this happens at a release it gets covered, It’s been a long time since […]

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