My Grail: Air Max 97 Plus “Tiger” (@Eaglesandheat)

Air Max Plus Tiger box

My favorite shoe of all time is the Air Max 97 Plus “Tiger”. Thanks to the help of my friend, Joey, I got a pair after 15 years of searching. The Air Max 97 Plus line released overseas spring of 2013.  The colorway that I consider my “grail” released June 2013 but none of the sites that had them shipped to the United States. Joey came out of nowhere and offered his assistance  with obtaining my” grail”. Long story short, Joey asked a family member who was local to pick them up at the Undefeated store in Japan.

Air Max Plus

To give you the deeper story let me take you back to 1998.  In 1998 the shoe was $125 retail but growing up in a house where money was tight copping shoes was a luxury. Most of my life up to that point I was lucky if I got 2 pairs of shoes per year. I literally had to wear shoes until the sole came off them. If I my feet grew I still had to wear the same shoe because it was no money to get another pair. To this day I think having to cram my feet in too small shoe is why my feet is so small (size 7.5-8). My foot had been the same size since the 5th grade (many years ago). If I got a 2nd pair of shoes I had to save all my birthday and Christmas money. So the shoe dropped I wanted them so bad and my mother offered to buy them because I was so excited over them. At that time she just lost her job so I told her not to buy them for me. 2004 Nike brought them back but being a broke college student I couldn’t afford them.  Once I got a good job I search for the shoe everyday but never found my size.  It’s very tough for small feet folks to find old shoes. Normally a 5-7th grader wear my size and we all normally didn’t take care of shoes that age. 2013 I just about gave up all hopes in ever finding them until I got word they was finally releasing

Air Max Plus Onfeet

The Air Max Plus “Tiger” have alot emotional attachment due to my story. It reminds me of my struggle as a youth when it was days it wasn’t food on the table. Back in the days when I thought it was cool seeing people in  Jordans but I’m rocking Payless or whatever shoes my mother could afford. I worked so hard in my life to never have to experience that again. I don’t want my future children to live that life. I don’t want any child to experience if I can help it. That’s why I pick several families and donate shoes to the children thru out the year. Also thats a big reason I’m always outlet hunting. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my boring grail story.

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