1-on-1 with Sneaker.St: Behind the scenes with the hottest iPhone case in the game

We are Midwest Sole and it is only right to feature one of the Midwest’s own on the site. We chopped it up with Andy, the man with the plan over at Sneaker.st hailing from Chicago. He is currently blowing up the sneaker community with his expertly crafted iPhone and iPad cases featuring designs of the sneakers we all love and drool over. I, myself, rock the “What the MVP” case on my iPhone and get so many compliments. Continue reading to discover the inspiration and the process involved in creating these ill cases.



1. What inspired you to create sneaker themed cases for iPhone & iPad? Walk us through the process from conception to product in hand. What challenges and obstacles do you face when creating the product?

It was really just an opportunity that presented itself. I met someone who worked with Uncommon and we talked about creating cases that served specific target groups/consumers. The discussion was initially about sports teams and that market, but it moved onto the sneaker community. After giving it some thought, we felt it was an opportunity to serve the need to accessorize beyond t-shirts and hats.

The biggest challenge was to create a quality product that I could be proud of.  There is nothing I hate more than poor quality product priced like its a premium product. I knew that Uncommon was a premium iPhone case. Their quality meets every specification that Apple has, and that is why Uncommon cases are sold in Apple stores all over the world. I knew their level of quality was something that I could trust. The next obstacle was creating designs that people wanted.

Another difficult challenge is trying to narrow down the designs to the handful that get made. I get emails all the time with requests for certain cases, and its so tough to say no. I wish I could, and the design possibilities are almost infinite, but at the end of the day, you are working with a budget, and a finite amount of time, so a lot of those ideas get scrapped. I have a good amount of designs that we sampled but just never followed through on.

2. Out of all the case designs you’ve created, is there one you are most fond of and why?

I would probably say its a tie between our GOAT case and our What The MVP case. Most of us have seen that GOAT graphic done on the laptop as a vinyl/sticker, so I can’t say it was totally original.  The MVP however was done from the ground up, so I would maybe give the edge to that design.

I think that MVP design just captured the shoe so perfectly with each half representing the right and left shoe.

SneakerSt_MVP_MultiTextured_iPh5_Defl-400x5043. Are you looking to expand the cases to other phone models like Samsung and HTC in the future?

YES! We have been wear testing cases for quite some time now, and hope to have something out by SneakerCon Chicago this Fall (Oct 19th)! I feel like we’re so close now to creating a quality case that is worthy for the community. I know people have been waiting a long minute for them, so hopefully I won’t disappoint with these.

4. Hypothetically speaking, you are left in a situation where you have to leave abruptly and are only allowed to take 3 pairs of kicks with you. What would those pairs be?

3 pairs of Lugz Zoshos…. Doesn’t matter the color.  Just kidding! White Cement 3, any pair of Air Max 1s, and an Air Max 90 Infrared. Don’t even have to think twice about that list.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.20.53 PM
5. Can you give everyone a preview of what is to come with future designs of cases and/or what is to come from Sneaker.St in general?

Well, we try to create designs in anticipation of future releases so with that being said, I would expect some AJ X inspired cases to pop up.  We’re also almost done with the Solar and Platinum Yeezy 2 inspired cases so be on the lookout for those. I also wanted to re-do some older designs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct) and we’re working on have some of those proceeds go toward cancer research.  There’s a couple other surprises I have in store that I can’t reveal so I would say follow my Twitter and Instagram @SneakerSt and keep an eye out!

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.23.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.09.40 PM


Big thanks to Andy for sitting down with us. Make sure to peep his entire case line for iPhone & iPad here as well as follow him twitter & instagram!

Images courtesy of Sneaker.st



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