Nike Shield Lunarglide + 5 – Cheetah

The Lunarlon technology introduced by Nike is an extreme improvement on impact runners and overall comfort no matter what silhouette incorporates it into the design.

On this runner, featured on the Lunarglide 5, Nike has thrown in some attractive perks – both structurally and aesthetically. The underlying Cheetah printed graphic uppers on this runner feature an additional safety aspect and visually poplar eye grabbing materials under the right light. Incorporated into the upper construction is a weatherized element repeller, keeping out the rain, cold and any unwanted moisture – it’s called the H20 Shield Membrane. The inner lining is constructed from a fleece-like material making these a further future favorite for those cold morning runs, or even for a casual wear during the upcoming cold months. Reflective material takes it place just below the H20 Membrane – mimicking the Cheetah pattern to prevent any unwanted run-ins with vehicles. Flywire technology adds the additional stabilizing structure to make this a premiere runner model, with a wild side graphic.

Lastly, for the more technically inclined running enthusiast, the Lunarglide 5 is available with Nike + technology for those needing to keep track or utilize the iOS application.

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Available now at Caliroots for roughly $180 USD.


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