You know Bart has that backside noseblunt down Wilshire. (RIP Wilshire rail)


As it is somewhat difficult to come up with “This Week in Skateboarding” weekly, I have decided to rename the section “Eduskation.” Inspired by professional skateboarder Nate Sheerwood’s use of terms like generskation, and Eduskate (which also happens to be the name of his skateshop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa), I feel this section is my opportunity to “educate” our readers on the events of the skateboard community, with a focus on sneakers. Without further adue, here’s whats been going on in skateboarding the last few weeks.

In late August Etnies footwear proudly announced the official addition of Julian Davidson to their pro team. The good news keeps on coming for Julian, as Element Skateboards turned him pro Saturday night. You can peep his Etnies welcome video below followed by his Element welcome part.

On Thursday Emerica footwear premiered their latest short film entitled “Made: Chapter 1”. The video features full parts from Emerica pros Leo Romero, Colin Provost, and Brandon Westgate, with a surprise part from Toy Machine am Jeremy Leabres. As the video only features four of Emerica’s deep squad, a “Chapter 2” is expected in the next few years, although there is no official word as to when a next chapter is coming or how many parts the “Made” series would last. The “Made” premiere in Los Angeles will be followed by a skateshop premiere on September 12, a premiere September 13, and finally available for viewing on Monday September 16th. You can see the teaser for the video below, and the official Emerica page here.

Earlier this week Walker Ryan announced on his facebook page his departure from long time shoe sponsor C1rca footwear. This news is surprising as he is one of the bigger names on C1rca’s somewhat low profile team. It will be interesting to see what he finds his feet in next.


An old Walker Ryan C1rca ad

In non-skate shoe related news, skateboarding’s favorite oddball Jimmy Carlin has found a new home with enjoi after his simultaneous departure from Mystery skateboards and Fallen footwear a few months ago. Since then Jimmy has been seen rocking Huf’s, so it will be interesting to see if he lands a permanent spot on their expanding team, or if it’s just a homie hook up for the time being. Jimmy’s enjoi welcome video is below, and it’s pretty funny.

That’s all for this instalment of “Eduskation.” Go Skate!


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