Conversation Piece: Don’t Believe The Hype!


This piece will probably be more of a rant than a conversation piece due to the tone that will be used, but it will no doubt always be a consistent topic of conversation when it comes to new releases and the information about them leading up to official confirmation.

Over the past week or so, the sneaker community has been put into frenzy due to information that Doernbecher Air Jordan 5s, Black Cement Air Jordan 3s, and “Hare” Air Jordan 7s will release sometime within the near future. While the Doernbecher 5s have since been confirmed not only by Heidi Burgett (Representative for Nike) but by Nike as well, the Black Cement 3s, and Hare 7s still remain to be confirmed by an official source for release. Since the announcement of these rumored releases, it has since made it to the general public and many people have taken this information from the rumor mill straight to the printing press as if these pairs will see the light of day. The rumor mill is in many ways, the source of hype, ill gotten notoriety, and progenitor of the negative aspects to our hobby.


Our advice is simple. Don’t believe the hype.

You possibly received a taste of some frustrations and opinions via Twitter recently regarding unconfirmed release rumors. Reiterating an obvious fact – not only does confirming a self-started rumor sound silly, it is plain misleading and detrimental to sources that maintain a proud reputation of reporting facts as facts and leaving the rumors to the birds. The sneaker world is always rife with rumors, as blogs such as ours need content on a daily basis to keep readers coming back. The issue then becomes sourcing. While we occasionally provide information that may not be widely accepted, we maintain integrity in knowing that we aim to provide information from viable sources. While we cannot confirm nor deny the rumors of certain retros that are scheduled to be released, common sense and past behavior dictate that what is currently floating around the “interwebs” are most likely pointless and exist to feed the hype machine and generate ad revenue.

While an OG branded black/cement Jordan 3, and Hare 7 retro may indeed be on the way the truth is nobody outside Beaverton knows for sure. The rumors of these upcoming releases far too often start from those with a vested interest, and quite often fraudulent intentions. If a person or site known to be untrustworthy is the starting point for a rumored retro drop then all they are really doing is getting their name out in larger circles and gaining more clicks to their “dubious” sites.


This also includes sites, and people, considered to be somewhat trustworthy. Laziness is perhaps the smallest sin in this regard, and can lead to the posting of images which further spread the wrong information, though with less malicious intentions. If you can’t tell what the issue is with the image above claiming to confirm the Hare 7 rumor then please click here for an explanation from the original photographer.

We’ve written about this issue before, information we pass on to you needs to be accurate which means the sources we rely upon have to be trustworthy. Please be vigilant. And always look for confirmation from sources with a proven track record. Being an educated consumer means doing your homework. Staying clear of false information and not aiding the spread of rumors that seem to appear from thin air.

In summation: Be a smart shopper, do your homework and triple check a rumor before you make plans to purchase anything. After all, it’s YOUR dollar.






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