A$AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott: adidas Wings 2.0 “Black Flag”

Hip Hop and the sneaker world have run hand in hand since “back in the day.” Since LL “Rocked the Bells” and Run DMC were telling us about “My adidas!” They’ve intertwined throughout the course of the last couple decades and in more recent years, direct collaborations with Hip Hop artists and big name sneaker brands have started to surface at a higher rate. I don’t need to mention it but just in case – The Nike Air Yeezy line.

The new age of Hip Hop has taken its place on the main stage and the likes of A$AP Rocky are now starting to work get their foot in the door in the sneaker collaboration “Game” as well. The design inspiration looks to take cues from several places. Jeremy Scott’s collection with adidas is no stranger to large and finned design pieces that stretch the boundary of footwear to different concepts. Once again the designer takes previously Incorporated designs into the the concept of the collaboration effort with A$AP. A further look into into Harlem’s own musical works reveals another source of inspiration.


Long.Live.A$AP – A$AP Rocky’s debut Album

A$AP’s debut album featured a photo of himself wrapped in a black and white depiction of the American Flag, hence the collaboration title of this sneaker model. It looks like A$AP has been busy since mentioning his intentions of dropping “the most amazing” sneaker during the All-Star Weekend in early 2013. Take a look at the detailed reveal of the Blacked out “Stars and Stripes.”


asap-rocky-jeremy-scott-adias-wings-2-black-flag-03 asap-rocky-jeremy-scott-adias-wings-2-black-flag-02 asap-rocky-jeremy-scott-adias-wings-2-black-flag-05 asap-rocky-jeremy-scott-adias-wings-2-black-flag-04asap-rocky-jeremy-scott-adias-wings-2-black-flag-06

The all black adidas model takes non-traditional materials into the construction of the Black Flag original. Should you not recognize the flaring and winged motifs J. Scott favors in his designs, the adidas branding on the heel of the left sneaker’s midsole is traded with a Jeremy Scott signature in the complementary position of the right heel.

Rumored to hit select adidas accounts later this year, what are your thoughts on picking up this Hip Hop tribute? Drop a comment or send us a tweet.

Images via SN


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