Collection Highlight: Midwest Sole (Brad)

I was bored tonight and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to write an article highlighting some of the sneaker in my collection that I liked enough to buy multiples of (excluding the Motorsport 6 which has it’s own article here).

First up is the Air Jordan VII “French Blue.” This is the first sneaker I had ever kept multiples of. If you know anything about the French Blue VII, or VII’s in general really, you know that the white toe cap has a tendency to yellow. If you’re shopping for a pair of these I can guarantee you’ll find more pairs with yellow toe caps than with white toe caps. I have 3 pairs of the sneaker in my collection and 2 of them have yellowed or yellowing toe caps. The 1 pair with the white toe caps is the cleanest worn pair of French Blue VII’s I’ve seen. Check the pictures below (click to enlarge):


The next sneaker I wanted to highlight is from the Air Force 1 “Chamber of Fear” pack. There were 6 different sneakers in the pack and each one was released in a different city. The pair I hold head and shoulders above the rest was released only San Francisco, and is entitled “Hype.” There is said to be only 150 pairs produced and I am lucky enough to own 2. I have 1 pair with the original box and 1 pair with a replacement box. (click to enlarge):


The last sneaker I want to highlight is an Air Force 1 White/Gum. While these 2 sneakers aren’t exactly the same, they are very similar. In addition to the colorways being similar, the quality on both pairs is amazing. If you haven’t picked up the recently released pair I suggest that you go out and do that. The first pair was actually a gift from @synical523, and is an Air Force 1 that pays homage to John Strickland, a NYC streetball legend. “Finish your breakfast,” which was apparently his favorite piece of trash talk, covers the tongue tab while “Franchise” takes over the heel/ankle area. The 2013 release of the White/Gum Air Force 1, although lacking the branding of the Strickland version, was no slouch and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Check out both pairs and their subtle differences below (click to enlarge):

Let me know what you think of these sneakers and if you would buy multiples in the comments below.


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