Casual Friday: “ZOSHO? – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa’ Dat!”

The Midwest Sole coverage earlier this week, exposing the Zosho from Lugz was…. Interesting. The summary, if you missed it, was discovery, amazement, hilarity and virility. Since the post of the article, the number of hits and shares to the article written by @WeavertheGreat has multiplied faster than gremlins dropped into a local swimming pool. I felt the need to “put on” so to speak for the “inspiration” of the Zosho – the Nike Rosherun.

IMG_1679Nike Rosherun “Team Red”

This is the first purchase I’ve made since Nike Sportswear’s transition to the red boxed packaging. Love the packaging, Love the sneaker. Modeled after simplicity and zen qualities, the Rosherun is the premier comfort sneaker at an economical cost in the Nike product offering. They’ve definitely gained attraction as well as traction in the sneaker community, with varying mixed reviews among certain circles. Whether you love them or hate them, call them dope or “potato sack shoes” (which is actually pretty funny) the Roshe is here to stay and possesses one trait that is indisputably true – comfort.


One aspect that attracted me to the Roshe was the need to own a sneaker that could be added to my daily rotation that offered a great wear, was easy to maintain and wouldn’t rip the hinges loose from my wallet – the Roshe fit those requirements perfectly. Now, any colllege student, city commuter, or anyone that is on their feet for hours upon hours on any given day knows that taking care of your feet is a must – we sneaker enthusiasts tend to agree with that ideology too. Walking lengthy distances can take a toll, why not do it in style AND comfort?

IMG_1684 IMG_1682 IMG_1680 IMG_1694

Pictured on feet is the True Red colorway recently released in a trio of new simple colorways by Nike, constructed with the “OG” mesh as incorporated into the very first models in the Roshe line. This woven mesh material offers superior breathability, flexibility and feel with a simple and impressive color tone. An impressive note to add about my pair is that these have been worn 6 times already with only a wet cloth wipe down every so often to keep the soles white. The solid blown, foam-like sole is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

I can’t say that the Zosho product can offer the same functional practicality that the Roshe offers. I mean, I could test the product out but…..


Happy Friday.

– @corruptsoles


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