Lugz Zosho

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so it’s no surprise when companies copy a design detail or colorway that’s proved to be popular, it happens all the time. Lugz however have gone all out with their “Zosho” model.



If the silhouette above looks familiar thats because it’s almost identical to Nike’s Roshe Run (even the name Zosho is similar!) It shouldn’t come as a shock that a shoe that is both popular and very cheap to manufacture should be chosen to be appropriated by another brand, but could Lugz not have come up with some kind of twist on the design other than just adding some subtle branding to the side?



The Zosho is available now in a range of colorways from priced at $49.99. If that seems steep for an imitation you can currently get 40% off with the code “LD40”. Let us know what you think of Lugz decision to “imitate” the Roshe Run. And remember, Lugz have a history of questionable business decisions…


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