Nike Concepts: Envisioning and Rendering

A piece of the sneaker/footwear industry that I have developed a newfound respect for is design. The ability to have a vision of a product and then applying that vision with the tools available to physically create a product is no easy task. Industrial Design student and sneaker concept dreamer Mike Sturge can attest to that process. Mike recently took to revamping and illustrating his own concepts of current and future Nike products.

Revis Render Zoom Revis 2

The departure of shutdown impact corner back Darrelle Revis from the New York Jets and subsequent arrival down south, this Buccaneers inspired colorway is very appropriate. Carrying over some key pieces from Revis’ first signature Nike and dropping some old elements such as exposed flywire, Mike adds a detailed “Revis 2” mockup to the heel.

Revis Render PITT - CopyZoom Revis 2

This PITT color themed tribute to Mr. Lock-Down pays homage to the his collegiate years. Once again we see the “Revis 2” fresh concept by Mike on the heel.

Should the Revis trainer get picked up for a second addition production run to the signature line, which concept would you prefer more to come to life?

Let’s also take a look at an injury preventative model that Sturge envisioned. Inspired by the Lis Franc fracture that NFL players often fall victim too and the need for durability assistance, check out this Philadelphia Eagles toned Michael Vick signature rendering.

VickMichael Vick Signature concept mockup

Taking structural cues from not only previous Nike models produced for Michael Vick, but also out the necessity to avoid injury, this carbon fiber foot-plated model is something that could really be seen in the NFL in years to come. Anyone that has ever participated in a cleat (or boot for our readers across the pond) related sport knows the need to have durable footwear without having to worry about your foot coming out of the shoe in mid-stride. The multiple cross-foot straps and ankle support are sure to reduce the amount of lengthy recuperating times needed for some injuries.

Thanks to Mike Sturge @ShoeJackman for the awesome look at some concepts that I would definitely enjoy seeing brought to reality. Check out his design blog to stay tuned into his design process – Mike Sturge: Deisgner.

Stay tuned in to MWS for future concept reviews.




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