Colourway RAILS Sneaker Display System

I may or may not have eluded to my favorite find at Kixpo a few weeks ago in my earlier event recap posts but here it is. At the event, I walked by the Colourway booth and they had a really sick sneaker display! It wasn’t the sneakers, but rather the display itself that held the sneakers. It was something I haven’t really seen before. A modular sneaker display with acrylic windows for easy access with a customizable background? Yes! I just moved into a new apartment and I need a new sneaker display system myself so this was a rather fortuitous moment if I didn’t say so myself. I ended up chopping with up with Bobby Smiley, the visionary behind the product, and he gladly sat down on with us to talk about RAILS, sneakers, design cues and why you need to display your kicks.


How did the Colourway company come about? Are you looking to strictly serve the sneaker enthusiast community with your products or expand to collector communities?

Bobby: Colourway is a company based out of Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA. I’m out here in Dallas locking the production and manufacturing side down and Creative Director Jerry Khiev is holding it down with media, marketing, and overall imagery out in San Diego. Big ups to my homie Joe Reyes out in San Diego who has and continues to be a great mentor and guide throughout the development of the company. Colourway came about through my search for a practical solution to both display and store my sneaker collection instead of keeping them in boxes stacked in my closet.

Your display of the RAILS product made me stop in my tracks at Kixpo to take a look. What was the inspiration to make the product? What challenges did you guys face when designing and constructing the final product?

Bobby: Sneakers are the quintessential functional art piece. Clean lines, profiles, textures, dope images and color combinations, all made to also serve a purpose in everyday life. We can only wear one pair of sneakers at a time and I would rather see as much as I can everyday. With this as a goal, I was looking for a storage solution to have my sneakers easily accessible (as I rock all my kicks), highlighted in the perfect way, always visible, and clean from dust. I decided to create a solution myself after searching for a ready made product that didn’t exist. There were no products available that had everything I was looking for. There are some cool cases out there going by a few different names that are basically clear acrylic shoeboxes. Although these boxes are dope in the way they highlight, protect, and give a large visual for your sneakers, it didn’t allow you to easily access your shoes when wanting to put them away after rocking them. You still had to pull them out from under the other cases to get to them and continuously sliding the boxes against each other starts to scratch the acrylic. Standard floating shelves solved the problem of accessibility and offer a good visual, however, if you have a large rotation, after about 3 weeks or so they’re covered in dust. Other options were bookcases with a glass covering, but when you put your sneakers in them, the spacing around it looks off since the sections are too large. This is where the inspiration for our first product line (RAILS) came from. RAILS combines all the elements of accessibility, good visual aesthetics, and the ability to keep your kicks clean into one product. Keep it clean. Keep it seen.


Sneakers are becoming more of a work of art for sneaker enthusiasts as opposed to functional footwear, why should they purchase RAILS to display their collection?

Bobby:Taking inspiration from the functional art of the sneakers, I wanted RAILS to be the same by allowing any end user to create their own art pieces with a product that serves a purpose. Adding the vinyl adhesive inkjet printable sheets to the product allows each person to create whatever they want to highlight their collection and express themselves with imagery. With the easy accessibility of images online and the fact that the vinyl sheets are made to be used with a consumer line inkjet printer, anyone can customize their RAILS at home to produce a one of a kind display. We also included clear acrylic shoe risers in the product to allow users to have more options in how they display their kicks. You can angle your shoes in different ways to highlight their profiles or just post them directly flat on the shelf for the classic view. Making the RAILS product completely modular also allows you to expand or design your display depending on your needs. You can stack and store vertically by placing rails one on top of the other, or build and connect horizontally by placing them side by side. The optional vertical connecting kit allows you to fuse two or more RAILS to appear as one solid piece by turning the side nooks into one more acrylic covered compartment when butted against each other horizontally. By either  building from the ground up or hanging the RAILS on the wall, the combinations are truly endless. You can have a single RAIL hung on the wall as a dope conversation piece or even have multiple RAILS set up to hold your TV and gaming consoles as a complete entertainment center.


What are some of your favorite kicks on display on your RAILS display at home?

Bobby: I got officially hooked on sneakers my freshman year of high school growing up in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Everyone remembers their first and mine were the black Jordan 5’s. I begged my parents for those sneakers for months before they finally broke. The moment I got home I put on my Jordan 5s and went straight to the neighborhood basketball court. You gotta understand that back in the 90’s everyone was in freak mode, jacking everything you got from Raiders jackets to Jordans. The older cats at the park were no exception. As soon as I rolled up with my 5s and the reflective tongues beaming, I saw in their eyes that it was going to go down. Words were exchanged and then it was time for me to bounce or lose my kicks. I literally had to crouch home through the dark parts of the neighborhood because I had to cover the reflective tongues with my hands to keep the fools from finding me with my boy Michael laughing at me all the way home. Definitely funny looking back, but its moments like these that keep most of us wanting and collecting sneakers as they bring you back to these dope highly spirited moments. To this day the Jordan 5s are my favorite sneaker of all time.  A timeless design with a classic colorway, but it’s more the memories they bring back. The sneakers are a part of me. I don’t have the originals anymore, but have the retro releases of the Jordan 5 (Metallic) Black, Fire Reds and the recently released Wolf Grey currently displayed on RAILS in my living room along with multiple colorways of Airmax 90s and Puma Clydes. Creating the RAILS product allows us to reflect on these moments by being able to see our meaningful pieces on the daily and not stored away unseen in their boxes.


What is coming down the pipe from Colorway? Any other products coming up sneaker enthusiasts should be excited about?

Bobby: Future Colourway products are already in the works. Don’t want to give too much out, but definitely look forward to an upcoming display case specifically for your not to be worn Grails. Colourway will continue to be art inspired and American quality.

Big thanks for Bobby for sitting down with us and sharing his work with RAILS and his passion for sneakers. The RAILS product is slated to ship on September 30th and you can pre-order your very own right here in a base black or white color. I know I’m going to get mine ASAP and trying to figure out what gets displayed first is going to be the battle! To keep up with Colourway and RAILS, find them online at and follow them on instagram @colourwayusa.

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Images courtesy of Colourway USA




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  1. This is so dope. Once we remake our closet I definitely gotta look into this.

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