Nike SB x Thrasher Magazine – Lunar Gato “Strike and Destroy”

“Skate and Destroy” – words that any skateboarder should be familiar with. Immortalized by the epitome of skateboarding literary creativity of Thrasher Magazine – and finally reaching the next level of such deep-rotted history: a sneaker collaboration. Although this isn’t the first sneaker collaboration from Thrasher, they tend not to flood the market with an abundance of collab models, often taking that extra step to perfect the design associated with their brand. The upcoming sample depicted below captures the “Skate and Destroy” ideology of Thrasher featuring an insole text branding phrased as “Strike and Destroy.”

Thrasher-x-Nike-SB-Lunar-Gato-Strike-and-Destroy-2 Thrasher-x-Nike-SB-Lunar-Gato-Strike-and-Destroy-4

Taking structural cues from its Soccer (or Football) namesake, the Lunar Gato SB is treated with the Nike SB style, flair, and technology. Nike Skateboarding rider Alex Olson was key in implementing the SB transformation to the Nike Soccer silhouette after favoring this sneaker on several skate sessions. Styled with a leather/suede combination, the Gato is constructed almost identically to its Soccer brethren with minor design differences. Rumored to be dropping along with several other colorways in a “Soccer Pack”,  keep it locked here to MWS for future release details.

940x540q80Nike SB Rider Alex Olson

No word yet on the color cues but if there’s any inclination as to the release period, the Halloween schemed colors look to be appropriate.

Thrasher-x-Nike-SB-Lunar-Gato-Strike-and-Destroy-1 Thrasher-x-Nike-SB-Lunar-Gato-Strike-and-Destroy-3

Images via N-SB


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