Offspring x adidas Originals “Pattern” Pack

European retailer Offspring recently collaborated with the adidas Originals team to bring us a versatile offering in the form of several adidas staples. The classic lifestyle and runner models will don patterns and color arrangements with eye catching tones for both men and women – some being visibly more connected to one gender party than others. Six pairs, three material palettes consisting of Aztec themed prints, snakeskin, suede and polka dots.

exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-1 exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-3The ZX800 models are treated with a similarly focused material construction – suede wrapped uppers with a midfoot feature of the focal designs. Each colorway also features a white and grey midsole with faint speckling patterns and alternate colored outsoles. The navy wrapped suede upper pair suits up in a gum outsole with an orange work up of the Aztec print theme while the black suede pair represents the Year of the Snake well. Sitting on top of a speckled midsole, the snakeskin runner draws the eye to the material feature location with a bit of help from a splash of turquoise resting below the reptilian representation. A black outsole brings the design into a cohesive conclusion.

exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-2 exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-5The Aztec theme carries over into the construction of the ZX8000 pair as well. Midsole speckling and a gum outsole are incorporated into the ZX8000 pair underneath a red dominated suede overlay. The blue suede makes another appearance as well near the feature of this model – the Aztec patterned material. This Aztec runner comes complete with lace locks as well as accented material reinforcement near the toe and ankles. A lighter toned palette overtakes the second pair. As featured on the first pair, midsole speckling makes another appearance. While the first pairs featured a midfoot stage for the materials focus, this pair is treated with harder visual accents on the heel, eyelets and outsole with the purple shades drawing the eyes focus.

exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-4 exclusive-offspring-adidas-originals-pattern-pack-6Rounding off the pack is an iconic silhouette in itself – the Superstar 80. Donning the snakeskin and tiffany/turquoise color blocking, the Superstar 80 makes a simple finale with the white toe shell and outsole. The second pair of the group takes an equally simple approach, featuring grey suede, alternate colored midfoot striping and pink heel – adidas branded accents.

This pack is set to drop at the end of this month and will be an Offspring exclusive. Don’t worry, they’ll have an online release as well.

Images via HB


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