Kixpo 2013 Recap (Part 2)

The special guest at the show was none other than celebrated sneaker designer Ronnie Fieg. It’s tough to argue that his Asics collaborations have sneakerheads going nuts, fetching top dollar in the resale market after instant sell outs. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick around long enough to see him speak and but I’m sure he dropped some knowledge on his creative process how that translates into a successful sneaker collaboration. Right in front of the main stage was an extremely dope display of most of Ronnie’s latest Asics collaborations from the recent “East Coast Project” Pack, “Salmon Toes” and “High Risk” colorways. Fans of Fieg’s work were certainly in heaven at Kixpo and it was amazing to see his work in real life for the first time.




I spent a lot of time people watching and admittedly not enough interacting with the show participants but one observation I want to point out was the fact that everyone was on their phone for what seemed like a really long time. It reminded me of the Wall Street floor with traders brokering deals left and right during active trading. I bet everybody there knew a friend of a friend of a friend that needed something at the show. It became apparent to me that everybody needed something. Before I go any further, let me clarify one thing, in the sneaker world, there is no such as thing as want, but rather need. This is ironic because a sneaker enthusiast is a person that has multiple pairs of sneakers, I digress. Vendors were also buying from attendees who walked by their tables just as much as they were selling to them. It was a fast paced environment with deals being brokered in seconds. If this wasn’t likened to the trading floor at Wall Street, then I don’t know what is.




In closing, Kixpo, without doubt, was a rousing success in my opinion. Everyone, including vendors and casual observers (like myself), were enamored with what went on that afternoon. Events like this illustrate that the sneaker culture is vibrant and well. Take the time to see your grail in person or even chop it up with a display vendor and find out what the sneaker they are displaying means to them. If you have an opportunity and/or the resources to attend a sneaker show like Kixpo, I say go for it. This is the one place where your love of all things sneakers is welcomed with open arms. Just remember, do not touch the display unless explicitly allowed to! A hearty salute goes out to the organizers of the show and it will certainly be bigger and better in the following years to come!

Enjoy the sights of the show with the slideshow below!




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