Random Rant: Yeezy 2 Winners Announced

So after much waiting the winners of the Yeezy 2 “Red October” giveaway have been notified. Though not just the winners, the names were posted in a list for the world to see in what must be one of the strangest decisions imaginable.

If you’re one of the lucky few then congratulations. Not only have you won a pair of one of the most hyped shoes of all time, but now anyone who wants to hassle you over having a pair has the opportunity to do so because your name and location has been posted not just on Kanye’s site, but every major sneaker blog.

In this day and age it really isn’t difficult to look a person up with nothing more than a name and the city you reside in, in fact within an hour of the announcement I saw exactly that on Twitter. In an age where over hyped sneakers are as prized, and as valuable as they are, the decision to give the legion of people wanting a pair a road map to those that are getting a pair is ridiculous. I really, sincerely hope that nothing bad comes from this. But in an age where somebody attempting to rob campers outside Wish is shot, to take the risk is unforgivable.

If I’d have won a pair I wouldn’t want my name anywhere near a public list. Let us know what you think of making the winners public in the comments below.



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