Kobe 9 Wear Test Sample

It seems like a while since we at MidwestSole brought you the possibility that Kobe Bryant’s ninth signature shoe was set to feature a return to a mid cut, and the reveal of a wear test model for the next instalment in the Black Mamba’s line lends further credence to the suggestion.

While a lot can change from a wear test sample to a release model we can see from the images below that the Kobe 9 at this stage of development is indeed a mid. One of the other persistent rumors has been that the model would feature a flyknit upper, this seems to look inaccurate as of now, with the build seen here utilising an engineered mesh construction. If this does turn out to be the final decision on shape and materials it leaves color blocking options open. The Kobe 8 has been known for its graphic prints and the possibility of the same manner of colorways remains open with the sample seen below.

Take a look at the shots below and let us know what you think of the direction Nike looks to be going in with the Kobe 9.


via Jcenky


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