Norse Projects x New Balance 1500 “Danish Weather Pack”

New Balance silhouettes don’t always get their deserved credit. Some runner models aren’t as “flashy” as other releases but I think sometimes we lose sight of the quality, materials choices and simple color palettes that New Balance tends to run with.

norse-projects-new-balance-1_1377 norse-projects-new-balance-2_1135 norse-projects-new-balance-3_2272 norse-projects-new-balance-5_7733 norse-projects-new-balance-4_2232

This recent collaboration from Danish boutique Norse Projects and the runner geniuses at New Balance shared with us teaser photo’s that hit the web a couple of weeks ago followed by an exclusive release on August 9th. Two simple color tones donned on the 1500 model, NB and Norse decided to turn to the seasons for inspiration. Denmark, being the rather autumn-season dominated country it is, sets the stage for these two 1500 runners in “foresty” and cloudy fashion. While one sneaker in this pack pulls design cues from the Danish forests with its amber hue, the other pair seeks to honor the cloudy months that autumn brings to the Norse Projects homeland.

Simple accents highlight both models. The grey based inspired pair features darker blue tones with hints of a grey/blue blend around the ankle collar leather, wrapped up with a white midsole, laces and “N” branding trim. The more autumn based pair rests under a predominantly brown toned upper with burnt orange accents following up on the forested theme near the midsole and stitched branding.


While both pairs seek to pay tribute to the upcoming months, the materials choice is perfect to lay the groundwork for the colder seasons. Premium suede is perfect to keep any foot warm during colder seasons. New Balance and Norse finish off this collab nicely with the 1500 branded stitching in the heel as well as the 3M reflective material featured on the N branding of the midfoot.


Already seeing an August 9th release at Norse Project’s showroom, the rest of us can expect to see a full release before the end of August. Expect these to drop by August 26th at select retailers.

Images via Norse Projects 


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