My Grail: The Nike Air Penny 1


For anyone who’s ever visited or follows my Twitter and Instagram pages, it’s very well known that I am a Memphis, Tennessean with every fabric of my being. And being from Memphis, I always love to represent my hometown, especially when it comes to my sneakers. One of my idols growing up was the great Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway due to him playing for my hometown Memphis Tigers and being a home grown Memphian himself.



Being a fan of Penny, I was ecstatic about him getting his own sneaker deal from Nike and I couldn’t wait for a chance to get a pair. The only problem with that was my parents didn’t believe in paying over $100 dollars for a pair of sneakers they knew I would play basketball in and wear them out in a couple months time. But I didn’t care. I had to have me a pair.



Around October 1995, Nike released the first Penny Hardaway signature shoe, the Nike Air Penny 1, in its black/white/varsity royal colorway. While being an extremely attractive shoe, it wasn’t until late November/December of that year that one of my sought after grails, the white/white/varsity royal colorway released. Being only 15 years old at the time, pleading to my parents for a pair was the only way I knew to get my hands on those kicks. Between being enticed by one of the classic commercials created by Nike during Penny’s first signature campaign and seeing some of my classmates around school with the shoes, it only made me beg and plead that much harder for them. I remember telling my dad that I would bring home nothing less than a B on my report card, clean the house, take out the trash, and do whatever he needed me to do just to get a pair for Christmas.



Long story short, I never got my hands on a pair of that colorway.

Nike later started to retro some of their most popular sneakers and in 2006, the Nike Air Penny 1 back on the schedule for re-release. Once I got the word that it dropped locally, I left work (at a job I only started a week previous) to go get the absolute last pair of the then Finish Line exclusive they had left in my size. I finally got a pair of Air Penny 1s but it still wasn’t quite the same… it was the black/white/varsity royal colorway.



The white/white/varsity royal Nike Air Penny 1 has yet to see a retro to this day, which is the reason they are a grail for me. Once (and if) the word ever comes back out that these will release, you better believe I’ll be one of the first in line to secure my pair. Until that day comes, I can enjoy the photos and videos that bring back nostalgia to one of my favorite pairs ever that I’m still waiting to get my hands on.








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