#NeverForget: The Day RSVP Services Lost to Nike and The Nike Destroyer


From the moment Nike revealed the release information for the LeBron X Celebration Pack, everyone knew it would become a mad race to see who could secure a pickup of the extremely limited edition. And true to form, RSVP services were primed and ready to capitalize on the tremendous hype brought on by LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to their second straight NBA Championship while wearing a player exclusive version of the red/black LeBron X Elite mid-top.

With some services charging just as much as the box price for the sneakers themselves to reserve a spot for RSVP ($500), it was a guaranteed score for them pending those orders were secured. But thanks to a curveball tweet thrown by Nike NY and a RSVP vigilante named “The Nike Destroyer” aka SoleMartyr, RSVP services were the real losers for the day.

With the first tweet that went out from Nike at Nike NY, RSVP services were thrown for a loop when the image in tweet contained 2 circled hash tags with the first one shown not being the correct one to use. While unconfirmed, many speculated this was another attempt by Nike to continue making progress in their Commitment to Fairness by including a decoy hash tag. There were many RSVP services that did not secure pairs due to this happening…


Even with RSVP services losing out due to issues with the hash tags at Nike NY, that wasn’t the story of the day. Then little known Twitter handle SoleMartyr, also known as “The Nike Destroyer” via Instagram, sent shockwaves though the community when he literally cleaned house at Nike Lenox.  Words don’t do this haul justice…


With what looks like a full size run worth of Nike direct messages of the Celebration Pack, he practically shutout almost every RSVP service that was charging insane prices I mentioned earlier.  Now I do want to say that Nike Lenox seemed to be the only location that SoleMartyr was able to clean out as other RSVP’s were able to secure pairs at other Nike locations.  But that within itself was enough to make what he did something that a lot of us will probably never forget.




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