Extra Butter x Asics DL5 Teaser Trailer

Back at Sneakercon New York’s Extra Butter teased an upcoming collab with Asics via a chilling display, now the retailers have released another teaser this time in the form of a video trailer.

In one of the most imaginative and attention grabbing teaser campaigns we can remember for a collaboration the combination of the Kill Bill inspired convention display, and now intriguing trailer has us excited for a shoe we haven’t even seen yet.

Check out the video below and check back for further details as soon as they become available.


About weaverthegreat

Sneakers, Hoops and Hip Hop. Representing London, England


  1. Extra Butter x Asics “Death List 5″ | Midwest Sole | Online Sneaker Magazine - August 18, 2013

    […] with the attention grabbing, Kill Bill themed display from Sneakercon NY, and following with the teaser trailer a little over a week ago. The build up for the project has had everyone guessing, but thankfully […]

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