Discussion Piece: Shop Smart

Lets be real, most of us aren’t in a position to cop every pair of sneakers we want. We all have jobs, and the pay we earn dictates how much we can feed our passion.

I see a lot of people that live beyond their means. How many people have copped a new release on Saturday knowing it leaves their cash tight until payday? I know I have. Many people free up the money for their next purchase by selling kicks they’ve worn a couple of times, I’ve never been that guy. Everything I buy for myself stays in my collection unless absolutely necessary. I go so far as to keep the shoes I’ve worn to death retired in the stack, there are too many memories attached to each pair for me to part with them.

Nobody wants to be left in a position where you have to sell something just because you’ve over committed. As much as we all love sneakers financial security is more important. Don’t blow your car note on a pair of Corks. Parody or not, I’ve seen Craigslist postings offering payment plans for the latest Jordans. A payment plan for sneakers? Something is not right here. Sneakerheads bragging about paying 3 times retail and calling it a deal? Something is not right there either.

We’re not telling you what to do with your money. It is yours, hard earned or not. We’re simply here to implore you to be an educated consumer. This industry is fueled by people like you. If you don’t buy the sneakers, the demand and then prices go down. Demand is at an all time high currently which means sneakers are demanding top dollar.

With the sheer multitude of releases each week it’s harder than ever to decide which drop is worth my hard earned cash. I have to prioritize what I pick up, that means passing on shoes I may like knowing that something I love is just around the corner.

This applies even more when I miss on something I was targeting, the decision to pay resale is always a tough one but the trick is setting a value on the shoe in question. A few factors that affect the value you set may include how limited the release was, how much I wanted it, and the general market price post release. Once a limit is set I won’t go over it. If I can’t find my size in my price range I keep it moving. I find I have to be disciplined.

There are other ways to shop smart. Do your research, it isn’t that hard to get a good idea of what will or wont sell out. There are great steals to be had in various outlets at a fraction of the cost. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen people pay resale when stock is sitting on shelves in some locations.

The hobby of collecting sneakers can escalate to an addiction very quickly. With every addiction comes irrational behavior which could potentially put you in financial ruin. It’s great that you have the hottest pair of Air Jordans but shame on you for not being able to pay the light bill. How do you admire your new kicks in the dark? Don’t take sneakers too seriously, or it will consume you. Be comfortable with saying “on to the next one..” and your sneaker life will be a lot more bearable.



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