Nike Koston 2 x Air Max Spring 2014


Nike has had a habit of coming up with a great idea and running with it until it gets tired, and then jamming an adrenaline shot into it and seeing where it will run next. Poor running analogies aside, some examples in recent memory are the Nike Foamposite just getting absolutely ridiculous, the Roshe being added to Nike iD, and Lunarlon being added to just about everything imaginable. Last year Nike SB pro Eric Koston helped design the Koston Heritage, a hybrid of the Air Max 90 and Koston 1. Now Nike is taking it to the next level, giving the Nike Air treatment to the Koston 2, blending it with the Air Max 1.

While the Heritage was essentially the Koston with some added flair (masterfully done, might I add), the Koston 2 Air goes a step further, adding the Nike Air support system in the heel. The upper is a blend of the Koston 2’s one piece construction with a perforated midsection, while the toe box takes inspiration from the Air Max 1. The result looks more like the Air Max 1 than the Koston 2, making it seem more like a runner than a possible skate shoe. Sadly, sneaker enthusiasts and Koston fans alike will have to wait until Spring 2014 to get their hands on this hybrid masterpiece.


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