Conversation Piece: Get Real In The Fight Against Fakes


In the pursuit of being original and authentic in the world of sneakers, there will always be those who will attempt to duplicate someone’s idea, design, or etcetera in hopes of achieving some of the originators success. Unfortunately, as we all know, the sneaker market is now flooded with replicated pairs of some of the hottest, most sought after kicks due to the explosion of popularity within the last 10 years. Fakes have grown right along with the evolution of sneakers and its now becoming harder to differentiate the real pairs from the fictitious ones. We all know that there is very little we can do to stop these fakes from being mass produced or distributed, but we can do something to make sure that the community is aware of how to spot a fake and those who sells them.

There seems to be an unwritten law about the education of how to spot fakes and of resellers that push these replicas into the market. In my opinion, this leaves the door open for some the newest members of the community (and some of the veterans) to be vulnerable to wasting their hard earned money on a shoe that simply has no value. This lack of information and education has led to many eBay sellers, Instagram resellers, and other would be scam artist to profit while leaving their buyers with empty wallets and hurt feelings.

While currently there is no one platform that gives members of the community a way to educate themselves on replicated shoes, there are many ways that one can become familiar with how to spot them. Google Search, YouTube, and countless blog sites can give you enough insight and/or motivation to find out the differences between authorized and unauthorized pairs of shoes. In regards to the resellers of fakes, there is currently no platform available for enthusiast to know who to trust and who to avoid at all cost. Thankfully people like James aka iNeedKicks (@iNeedKicks) on Twitter makes it a little bit easier with videos on what to do to avoid purchasing unauthorized pairs of sneakers and exposing sellers that push replicas into the market. But more needs to be done to assist in his and others pursuit to help people like you and I. Why? Just think about it…

This was taken from a site that admittedly sells unauthorized pairs of shoes.

Unauthorized Production – Like overruns, these are also direct from the factory. These are made by Nike/JB employees, in Nike/JB factories, using Nike/JB materials and equipment. The only difference is that they’re made in an unauthorized production run after the end date of the official retail production run. The shoes themselves are identical, but sometimes say “PROMO” on the tongue tag. We typically avoid this type of shoe, but there are some situations where we can offer excellent price breaks. If any of our shoes are of this variety, they will be labeled as such on the item page.

How many times have you seen an Instagram profile advertise that are taking preorders for sneakers that don’t have a solid release date? And how many times have you seen full size runs of extremely limited sneakers for bargain that’s too good to pass up? If you’ve seen any of this (and you probably have), chances are that those pairs are ALL unauthorized (no matter how similar they seem) and the seller is attempting to capitalize off of most hypebeasts desire to be the first rocking the newest pair early.

My advice would be to avoid purchasing anything from these sellers and spread the word to your sneakerhead friends and family about them to ensure that no one you know gets caught up in the hype and loses money in the process. If people within the community can become more vigilant in bringing light to these unauthorized sellers, over time we can start to put a huge dent in the amount of fakes that are being sold and traded in the community. It would also minimize these would be scammers ability to make money off uneducated consumers.

As these and other tactics may help the cause, there still needs to be a platform where anyone can visit and be put on notice of who they can buy from before possibly spending hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of dollars on a worthless pair of shoes. Until we all start doing our part in the education of replicated sneakers and being more informative about who resells these unauthorized pairs, we will never get real in the fight against fakes.

James aka iNeedKicks’s New Pickup Vid PLUS Discussion on Early Release Kicks


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