This Week in Skateboarding


This Week in Skateboarding

Ending in 7-27-13

Skateboarding’s favorite toothless son Manny Santiago has been floating around without a shoe sponsor since Axion’s demise a few months ago. With recent coverage being scarce (the last time I saw him was X Games Munich) it seemed as if despite Axion’s demise, Manny still somehow had a lifetime supply of his old shoe the “Mijo”. Finally putting an end to any speculation, Santiago announced via Instagram from the Agenda Trade show in Long Beach, CA on Thursday that he has begun working with Ipath footwear. This is a rather curious acquisition for Ipath as few would have expected such a move. But after booting their entire team a few months ago there is no telling what Ipath is capable of doing. The move is intriguing to say the least on both ends, and you can expect something exciting from both Manny and Ipath in the future.


Lakai footwear recently released a  collaboration shoe with Baker skateboards for Am Riley Hawk. If his name sounds oddly familiar it is because Riley is the son of arguably the most famous skater in the world, Tony Hawk. The result is a low key colorway of their shoe the Griffin with a gnarly edit to g with it. It is not uncommon for companies to release parts with their pros or even Ams when shoes come out, but Riley is giving us almost two minutes of incredible footage for a collaboration shoe commercial; footage which many seasoned pros would sit on for years. The kid has a work ethic much like his father who dropped a full part to announce his return to Independent trucks. To put that in perspective, that would be like Kobe Bryant jumping over another car to promote an ankle brace sponsor.

As I mentioned last week, Huf footwear recently announced the signing of Dylan Reider to their team. Dylan has always been into fashion and his past signature shoes from Gravis have certainly been interesting, including a leather shoe that changed color as they deteriorated. This past week Dylan posted what could either be a sample or a custom he picked up from Huf which I can only describe as interesting. As you can see below, it looks like something Kanye would wear to fashion week, and I would be interested to see the shoe drop in the future.


Finally, last week I was still figuring out this section so I neglected to include some things, the most interesting of which is the introduction of new clothing brand Asphalt Yacht Club. New clothing brands pop up all the time, but this particular company is led by skateboarding legend Stevie Williams. Williams, as some might know, is also owner of board company DGK which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids, and Stevie has an urban style to it which has made the brand popular among rappers such as Bun B and Lil Wayne. With this in mind, it would be easy to assume Williams would enlist skaters to his brand who match his particular style. This assumption has proven to be untrue, as Stevie has created quite possibly one of the most diverse clothing brand teams since LRG added Billy Marks. The Asphalt Yacht Club team consists of Stevie Williams, Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Riley Hawk, Ben Nordberg, Derrick Wilson, and Blake Carpenter. While I know these all just sound like names to most, the introduction video below shows each skater’s individual style not only on a board but personal style as well. Look out for this brand in the near future, as I’m sure it will have the same momentum brands like Diamond Supply Co have created.

Go Skate.



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