An Open Letter – Time For A Change And Growth In Terminology

Allow us to be blunt.

There is a word commonly used in the sneaker community to describe outrageously high resale prices. We want that to stop. You know which word we’re referring to, there’s no need for us to say it here.

We have all used this term whether it be in person or online to describe what we see as price gouging. A lot of people seem to be of the opinion that the use is appropriate in that instance, we would like to tell you it is not. There is no comparison between the price of a pair of Yeezy 2s on Flight Club and one of the most heinous crimes around.

Sneakers are a hobby, admittedly one that the majority of people reading this will take seriously, but a hobby nonetheless. By saying the word in question you rob the word of it’s power and it’s true meaning. By throwing the term around with no real thought you disregard the people that have either been victim to, or had their lives affected by, this unforgivable act of violence.

The sneaker community is viewed from the outside as immature and sometimes violent, we all know how mainstream media likes to portray our passion. We do ourselves no favors when we attach the imagery we do to something like a high price for a pair of shoes.

We would like to ask for the help of everyone who reads this post to rid the sneaker community of such negative imagery. If you see or hear somebody using the word in question please ask them not to. It starts with us.

Words are powerful.

Please think before you use them.

Thank you.



Thank you to the team at Complex for starting this discussion.


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One Response to “An Open Letter – Time For A Change And Growth In Terminology”

  1. God bless you for writing this. I hate that word myself and try not to use it or hear it at anytime. It’s one of the most heinous crimes anyone can commit and for us to use the term around loosely makes no sense. Keep it going buddy!

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