Sneakers On Steroids

Let me throw a simple analogy at you; bots are the sneaker game’s steroids.

The athletes who have had dealings with the Biogenesis lab in Miami aren’t the only people that look to gain an advantage. Every Saturday that Nike drops a big release how many times do you see people tweet how they “won” or “lost”? In such a competitive field it’s only natural that people will look to gain an advantage.

Is using a bot unfair? A lot of people would say yes. But then so many people are using them now that many feel it’s their only chance to grab the pair they want without having to pay over the top with resale.

Much like P.E.D’s, auto scripts and bots have been around a lot longer than people generally realise. A lot like P.E.D’s people would keep their use a secret from the rest of the community, that is until quite recently. Much like P.E.D’s the authorities (in this case Nike) feel the need to be seen to be doing something about the problem.

When Ben Johnson tested positive after the 1988 Olympic 100m final he was stripped of his gold medal and world record. Marion Jones too had to forfeit her medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Lance Armstrong was stripped of his Tour De France wins. What’s the sneaker equivalent? Cancelled orders when Nike confirm the use of a bot, and even delivery intercepts in the case of Doernbecher Jordan III’s that had already shipped. If that happens with your order then you’re not “winning” anymore.

Athlete’s that get caught cheating face bans, Ryan Braun will sit out 65 games this season. Nike too promise bans in their updated terms and conditions. Get caught “cheating” and you won’t be able to cop anything off NDC.

The problem remains that technology moves quickly. Steroids will continue to be developed faster than testing procedures can keep up. Those among us fluent in computer tech will be able to develop more sophisticated programs than Nike can police. The people desperate to gain an edge will always be ahead of the game.

That leaves us all with a simple choice. Do we want to take the risk? If you decide that you do then go ahead, just don’t let me see you crying if your order gets cancelled and Nike bans you. You knew the risk going in.


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