Conversation Piece: Is Nike’s Commitment To Fairness Making A Real Difference?


It wasn’t long ago that Nike (@nikestore) gave us a Commitment to Fairness; an attempt to help combat the use of bots and automation software that allows users to add product launches into their cart within seconds of Nike Store launch tweets.  Because of the use of automation software, it has given would be consumers who use it an unfair advantage when it comes to being able to successfully add new product to their cart.


Since the release of the Commitment To Fairness, there have been some instances of would be buyers who have receive emails from Nike stating that the order had been canceled and the account was identified for unauthorized use of the site in regards to some recent releases.  Many people (including myself) wondered if Nike would actually make a difference in assisting to lessen the unfair advantage of bots and automation software, or was this all a public relations stunt in an attempt to regain consumer confidence.


With the release of the Air Jordan 3 Retro Doernbecher over the weekend, there have now been other instances of order cancellations due to unauthorized use of the site.  Regardless of few instances of consumers that were met with the cancellations, users of automation software are still winning Nike RSVPs and flourishing every Saturday morning with any major or limited release.  For the average Joe, Nike’s Commitment to Fairness seems more like a facade than an act of good faith and fairness to all.


What do you think? Do you think the recent announcement of changes to Nike’s Commitment to Fairness and the actions they’re taking against bots and automation software are making a difference in the attempt to purchase via Nike RSVPs and Twitter Link Only releases?

Tell us how what you think in the comments section below.

Images via NikeTalk and Instagram

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3 Responses to “Conversation Piece: Is Nike’s Commitment To Fairness Making A Real Difference?”

  1. Jenks (Twitter = ajenks81) Reply July 23, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    To your overall point about it still being an unfair system despite Nike’s commitment, I can’t argue with that. There are still folks out there who manage to get 30 pairs of every limited release for retail or under while the rest of us fight over the remaining scraps on NDC and FNL. I don’t know who is greasing who for those hookups, but it’s pretty clear that Nike’s new system has 0 effect on those resellers.

    When it comes to cancelling bot orders, it’s a good idea and I’m all for it… but that being said, it doesn’t directly increase our chances of coppnig unless we get in on the restock. I say that because Nike’s new system doesn’t block bots until AFTER they’ve made the purchase, meaning it’s just as competitive to cop on release day now as it was three weeks ago. I’d still rather have a shot at a restock than let the bots win, but many of us can’t camp the computer 24/7 waiting for Nike to tweet out a random restock.

    As for the RSVP system, yeah still completely broken and now virtually impossible to win without a bot in major cities. The only silver lining is that the bot service is getting so expensive that these kids are almost paying resell prices. I’m throwing the towel in on RSVPs for my NT until something changes.


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