Nike Zoom Hyperflight “Beijing Lion”

Part of the Nike Zoom Hyperflight China collection featuring three animal inspired designs each representing one of China’s three major cities, is the Beijing Lion. The king of the animal world was chosen to represent the Chinese capitol with it’s strong history of imperial ties, what better choice than the epitome of natural power and strength.

Featuring a staggering, intricate woven graphic etched into the synthetic one piece upper, the design details used on the metallic copper base are astounding. The golden hue makes the Beijing Lion instantly recognisable.

An icy translucent blue bottom adds to the clean look, with hits of challenge red standing accents standing out in contrast. To tie back into the theme of Chinese cities Nike has incorporated the “jing” character, meaning capitol city, onto the insole.

Available in China today, look for a US release scheduled for August 2nd.








via freshnessmag


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