Conversation Piece: For Charity Or For Sale?


Ever since the announcement was made that Nike and Jordan Brand would begin to re-retro some of their very popular and extremely limited Doernbecher charity shoes, people within the community have been scrambling to do whatever they can to make sure that they can lock down a pair (or two) of these highly sought after sneakers. Designed by children who were being treated at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, the purpose of each shoe was to raise awareness and charity to the hospital and all of the children that it provides care for.image

Due to the extremely limited nature of each shoe, the value of any one of the sneakers in the Doernbecher line could range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars upwards towards one thousand plus dollars. Because of this trend, there have been more people looking to purchase the shoes not for the intent on wearing them (as shoes should be) or being able to contribute to a charity that’s serving a great cause, but for the resell value that they bring.


This weekend’s most sought after release will arguably be Cole’s Nike x Doernbecher Air Jordan 3; a shoe that only a few months prior to the announcement of a retro was selling for over one thousand dollars on eBay and other social networking and marketplace sites. While being viewed as a collector’s item and a must for some enthusiast, it seems as the vast majority who will be using RSVP sites, backdoor deals, and bots to purchase this release only have one purpose for their pickup this time around: Resale.

Whether its RSVP services charging over 50% of what the shoes will cost for a chance to win them, or those that use RSVP’s, bots, or personal connections to secure a pair, it seems like everyone is looking to capitalize on the hype and value of shoes that were meant only for one initial purpose only, charity.

For charity or for sale?  What’s the reason for your Doernbecher purchase this weekend?



All Images via Nike Inc.

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