Emerica “Reynolds Low”

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 4.30.23 PM

Back in April Emerica footwear unveiled the latest in a long line of signature shoes for pro and living legend Andrew Reynolds. The technology and style of the Reynolds was everything a skater could ask for, with one exception: it was a mid-top. Unlike basketball shoes where the higher profile shoes are dominant, skaters predominantly tend to gravitate towards lower cut shoes. Personally I can only remember purchasing one high top for skating and quickly abandoning it in favor of a low top model. While many great high to mid top shoes have been released in recent years, such as the Emerica Westgate or the Torey Mid by DVS, low cut sneakers have always seemed to be dominant.

When Andrew Reynolds and Emerica designed The Reynolds they must have known this, and so The Reynolds Low was born. Complete with the same features that made The Reynolds high amazing, The Reynolds Low is sure to become an instant classic. Just like its mid-top predecessor the Reynolds Low comes with superior cushioning for impact support, a non-slip sock liner, and a ventilated tongue for added comfort. The heel tab even comes with 3M detailing for nigh sessions and all you 3M fans out there. The Reynolds is everything a skate shoe should be: a combination of style and performance that is hard to find these days. With the recent release of the Provost and upcoming release of Brandon Westgate’s new shoe it is refreshing to see a skateboarding brand that actually cares about making quality product and not just moving units.

You can find The Reynolds Low at your local skate shop and finer Emerica retailers online. Check out the commercial below.



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