Conversation Piece: Will the KD VI Colorways Live Up To Those Of The KD IV?

via Nike

When pictures first surfaced of the since-released Sonic Yellow colorway of Kevin Durant’s sixth installment of his popular Nike KD line, it was initially met with a very lukewarm response and an overall perception that these low top “soccer shoes” were a step further down from the once vibrant and energetic line.  Not soon after the web got a glimpse of the Sonic Yellow colorway, pictures leaked of the again, since-released KD VI DC “PreHeat”, a release that got instant hype due to them only being available in limited numbers.


via Nike

Not soon after the release of these two models, pictures of the KD VI “Meteorology”, “Bamboo”, and “Orange Mint” have all surfaced and they have been greeted with a much warmer response in comparison to when the silhouette was first introduced.  Exciting colorways, intricate details, and low price point have always been some of the things that have made the KD line so popular amongst sneaker heads and sneaker enthusiast.  And with Nike (seemingly) bringing the fun back into the line with colorways that catch the eye and customization options to create your own personalized KD VI through Nike iD, it’s not hard to see that this silhouette has what it takes to rank or surpass KD’s most popular model to date: the KD IV.


via K&TC

We want to know your opinion.  Do you think that the KD VI colorways will live up the innovative and arguably classic colorways of those of the KD IV?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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5 Responses to “Conversation Piece: Will the KD VI Colorways Live Up To Those Of The KD IV?”

  1. Jenks (Twitter = ajenks81) Reply July 18, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    I love the silhouette, I think the football influence and the lower profile are both going to be trends we see more of later this year and into 2014 as folks wear more fitted clothing. But the CWs are uninspiring at best. So far, the only coppable one fore me are the Bamboos, which I think are great. The Pre-Heats are nice, but trying a bit too hard and they were difficult to purchase at retail.

    So far, the colorways have been too boring in terms of design/contrast. The Sonic Yellow is just way too much yellow without enough contrast to catch your interest. The Orange Mints have enough contrast, but the colors clash (at least in the pics). So basically, I agree… the shoe has a ton of potential but they need to go a different direction with the colorways or I won’t be copping.

    • Thanks for the reply Jenks!

      I agree that the silhouette is wonderful, but in comparison to the KD V, these colorways that ate scheduled are much more attractive than those of the V.

      What makes the colorways so uninspiring to you?

      • Jenks (Twitter = ajenks81) July 18, 2013 at 1:27 PM

        I didn’t like the KD V colorways or design, I honestly didn’t cop one KD V. I preferred the Kobe’s this year so I stocked up on them.

        But to your question about why the VI colorways are uninspiring, it’s cuz there is just too much of the base color in most of them. The Sonic Yellows are practically all yellow, the Bamboos are almost all dark green (still clean af), Meterologys are too black, and although the Orange Mints are different, everything clashes, like the Pre-Heats. Not sure if that makes any sense but that’s my beef with the colorways so far. I’m curious to see what leaks next.

      • Totally understandable. Like you, I’m curious to see what’s next and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.

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