Air Jordan V 3Lab5 – Release Date

The Air Jordan line has pushed the boundaries of sneaker design ever since MJ’s first signature shoes were banned by the NBA. Design elements introduced throughout the lines history such as the elephant print first placed on the III, the 3M reflective coating on the V’s tongue and the use of patent leather on a court sneaker when the XI released have taken on a history of their own and been borrowed repeatedly by other brands.

The idea behind the Jordan Lab series is to pay homage to these lauded design features by applying them to new models, such as the 3Lab5 which takes the Jordan V silhouette and dresses it in a full elephant print upper. The designation “3Lab5” comes about from labeling each design element with a place in a Jordan Brand periodic table, elephant print will be El, and a number representing the model it first appeared on. This is displayed on the inside of the tongue of the 3LabV as 3 El 1988 (The Jordan III’s year of release)

Jordan Brand has described the Lab collection as “elevated” products, premium quality materials and packaging will be used on this collection in an effort to make them stand out even more than the bold designs would do themselves. Construction on the 3Lab5 for example will feature a molded upper for the first time in the Jordan V’s history as well as a luxury leather lining.

Slated for a September 21st release, the 3Lab5 will be the first in the series to be made available in limited numbers priced at $250. Stick with MidwestSole for any future Jordan Lab updates, and be on the look out for the rumored 5Lab3 edition dressing the Jordan III with a reflective 3M coating.










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