All Lunar Everything

With the announcement of an Infrared Air Max 90 set on a Lunarlon midsole Nike have done it, Nike have proven that nothing, nothing at all, is sacred. No classic shoe is safe from being “updated”, some may say ruined, by the inclusion of Nike’s foam based cushioning. If a shoe has Air in it’s name then I suggest it should have air in it’s sole.

Let’s take the Air Force 1 as an example. First launched in 1982 and one of the first models to take advantage of what was, at the time, a revolutionary cushioning system. Bruce Kilgore’s masterpiece has been good enough for basketball players, and sneaker lovers for over 30 years and over 1700 variations without anybody saying it needed a new sole unit, and I’ve never heard KRS-One, Rakim and Nas rhyme about Lunarlon.

The Air Max range is no stranger to updates. We’ve seen Nike use Engineered Mesh, Hyperfuse and Vac Tech constructions before, and that may not be for every purist, but many have taken it instride. A lunar sole is a different matter. As I’m writing this I turned to a friend (who isn’t any kind of sneakerhead) and asked, “what’s your favourite Nike Air Max?” He responded in the way I would expect and said it was the AM 90. I then asked what he liked the most about that shoe and was told he remembers the first time he saw an air bubble on a shoe it was the on the Air Max 90. My last question was a simple one, “would you buy a pair if it didn’t have the Air Max sole?” and my non sneaker enthusiast friend summed it up perfectly, “it wouldn’t be an Air Max anymore though would it?”

The 90 may not have been the first to show off the Air Max cushioning but it is one of the most popular, but without that little window and a view of that visible air it isn’t the shoe we love.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with Lunarlon. I like it, I find it comfortable. That doesn’t mean Nike have to update every classic they have with it though. Some things should be left alone.



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