Random Rants by @WeaverTheGreat

So a couple of things have caught my eye this week and i feel like sounding off.

1. The Lebron X EXT “Black Suede” isn’t black suede after all but hey, “Black Nubuck” just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? It will have the same price tag though, so for inferior materials you can pay the $250 retail tag. Aren’t Nike kind?

2. So there were fake shoes at Sneakercon but nobody thought to report it, and the sellers weren’t kicked out. Any event of that size needs to protect it’s reputation, vendors selling knock off shoes need to be kicked out as soon as the situation becomes clear. I can’t help thinking though that the people buying from those tables have to bear some responsibility for not educating themselves. After all, we all know what the soles on Space Jam’s should look like. Don’t rely on other people to spot a fake for you.

3. The Nike Sky Stepper, for anyone who likes the shape of the Air Yeezy without the quality materials, iconic colorways or hype. Do those people exist? Well if they do Nike has catered for them. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to rock these.


4. Next up is another mini rant about the Lebron X EXT. surely the “Hazelnut” is the most resold shoe in a while. So much so that I’m convinced nobody bought them with the intention of rocking them. So if you haven’t managed to move your pair on yet I suggest you drop the price, the market’s flooded. Oh, and can we please stop calling them “Scooby Doo’s” now? Thank you.

5. How many people buy shoes that their favourite athlete wore? Most of us right? We all want to try and feel like a part of sports most iconic moments. Well, I would like a pair of whatever this kid is wearing.



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One Response to “Random Rants by @WeaverTheGreat”

  1. Sorry but the grey sky stepper is kind of dope and tables of fake sneakers at a sneaker event in this day & age is appropriate. No one got love it’s all for the IG photos & YouTube reviews. People want that internet celebrity. Only people in the sneaker game now are resellers. I try to get a shoe & it’s sold out everywhere but I never see anyone rocking them but then on eBay I see them in every size. I cut ties with mom & pop stores because even they are selling shoes at resell price. I can’t blame them no one buys kicks anymore unless limited so they got to turn a profit some way.

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