Synical523’s Top 5 of 2013 (So Far)

We just passed a halfway mark of the year 2013. Some great shoes have been put out and I figured I would share my personal top 5. Your opinion might differ but that’s why I’m writing this. If we all liked the exact same shoes, we would all be the same. Luckily we aren’t. Before we start the list, I’ll give a few shoes an honorable mention:

Kobe 8 EXT “Red Suede”: First Kobe I saw and I knew I needed it.

Blazer Pack Air Force 1 Lows: All so dope.

Kobe 8 “Black History Month”: I wear it once or twice every two weeks. Beautiful and comfortable shoe.

Roshe Run “Total Crimson”: A Volunteer orange shoe thats comfortable? Sign me up for 3.

Here goes the actual list:


At number 5 we have the Skate Park of Tampa 20th Anniversary “Lance Mountain” SB Dunk Low. I didn’t like the shoe at first but upon seeing it in person at my local skate shop (@ComfortSkate) I had to have it. I have three now and have yet to wear one unfortunately. The glossy black upper being contrasted by a mint-blue made the shoe perfect. The many men on the shoes make it extremely unique as well. The lace swap also makes this a perfect spring shoe. Spring has passed though so these will see the light of day next year.




At 4 we have an extremely slept on shoe. The Midnight Denim Air Max 1. I am a complete sucker for denim and with some small accents of a very vibrant orange almost the same as Tennessee’s shade I couldn’t pass on this shoe. I am not a huge Air Max fun but this pair is amazing. Only thing I would change is the wax laces. I loathe wax laces.Image


Here we have the Nike Air Force 1 “Puerto Rico.” It was extremely nice to see Nike bring back some vibrant Air Force 1’s. We haven’t seen creativity on this model in a while and this shoe definitely brings it back with a bang. While it was not as glamorous as the pictures first tweeted and discussed when it first surfaced, it is still a beautiful shoe with crazy detailing. The tumbled leather swoosh and toebox being set off by red contrast stitching around blue nubuck are wild. If you get the chance to purchase this shoe I would highly suggest it. *Note* Sorry for such an awful picture.Image


I’m sorry if I hurt some feelings *cough* KidKrampus *cough* with this one. The Black History Month Hyperposite is insane. The Hyperposite is my new favorite model right beside the Lunar TR1 and Zoom Revis. Colorways are awesome (i.e. Statue of Liberty, Galaxy PE, All Star Game) and the comfort is insane. Also it is an amazing basketball shoe. This pair is no exception. It is my favorite, released or unreleased, and thankfully @EaglesandHeat helped me with a par. It only released at one outlet and I was fortunate enough to receive one of only a handful released. The 3m detailing is outrageous and the orange accents are beautiful.




If you know me at all you know exactly what this shoe is. The Zoom Revis is an amazing new model in terms of style, comfort, and training. While I won’t be training in this shoe, the Zoom Revis “Denim” is the best release thus far in the 2013. As stated above and every day on my twitter feed, I am a sucker for denim. Put it on a comfortable shoe, add a hint of a gum sole and some brown accents and you have the perfect shoe. When I saw pictures I begged for a release and once I found out there were only 224 pairs I was sad. Luckily I landed two for very good prices and couldn’t be happier. Had it been a GR I would have gotten as many as I possibly could have. Image


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