Nike x Doernbecher Air Max 95 release postponed

Yesterday morning, after much confusion, Nikestore announced that due to a “technical issue” Mike Armstrong’s Air Max 95 from the the Nike Doernbecher Freestyle program would not release as expected.

The tweet from the Nikestore Twitter account came nearly an hour after the expected release time, with many people having waited for the shoes to drop since 8am EST. The Lebron X EXT Hazelnut release occurred on time, however many people were left waiting in Nike’s virtual queue for long periods of time and the customary sold out tweet from Nikestore never appeared.

There has been some speculation that perhaps due to the high demand for both products that traffic may have crashed the site. I find this unlikely, demand for the majority of limited releases is massive and Nike’s servers are usually able to handle the load. Another theory, again purely speculation, is that the postponed release may have something to do with the change to their launch policy in regards to combatting the use of bots.

Perhaps the launch was used as a test of Nike’s system for identifying and cancelling orders where bots were used. If this is the case it would be a strong move in attempting to level the playing field for customers. The issue I have with this theory is that while Nike have stated their opposition to customers using bots to grab limited releases they have never really shown themselves to be interested in how their products are sold, or who they are sold to. At the end of the day a big company cares first and foremost about the bottom line, if the sneakers are selling then what does it matter how someone bought them? The change in policy, while it looks good from a PR perspective could well be for show. The truth is we won’t know unless a number of Hazelnut orders are cancelled.

At the end of the day whatever the reason the online release of the DB Air Max 95’s was postponed many customers were left frustrated at the delay and the length of time it took for Nikestore to announce the cancellation. No update has been given as of yet to when the first of five Doernbecher re-releases will be rescheduled for, or how the release will occur. The drop could be rescheduled for another Saturday or Nike could decide to put them up without warning like their random restocks.

Update: Nike have announced that the rescheduled release will happen this friday 7/12 at noon EST via Twitter link only.

Let us know what you think of the postponement, and stick with MidwestSole for any updates.



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One Response to “Nike x Doernbecher Air Max 95 release postponed”

  1. I was one of the many waiting for the Lebrons and at 7:00 I managed to get a pair in my cart. I was “waiting in line” for my turn to check out thanks to Nike’s new checkout system for about 25 minutes. Then, I received an error from Nike saying that there was a connection issue and that I had lost my place in line. Since I had waited nearly a half hour in line, by the time I went back to try again, they were of course sold out already. I was so disappointed, especially when the connection issue was likely on their side. Not fair at all.

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