Nike SB Blazer Hi “SB Chronicles Vol.2”


In celebration of their forthcoming film about skateboarding entitled The SB Chronicles Vol 2, Nike SB has teamed up with artist (and team member?) Neckface to bring us a special edition of the Blazer Premium. Draped in an eye catching Tour Yellow, the Blazer is covered in what could easily be mistaken for messy black stripes. Upon further scrutiny, one can find that this black pattern is actually a series of words, names to be exact, all in Neckface’s signature chiller-font style lettering. These are not just any words, but the names of the seven professional skaters who will star in Chronicles Vol 2. In classic Neckface fashion, the detail doesn’t end there; the shoes’ insole contains yet another Neckface masterpiece which I can only describe as some sort of gnarly looking wolf-creature. While some skaters might look at this shoe as just another blazer to rip up in the pool, to collectors and skateboarding enthusiasts such as myself, this sneaker symbolizes not only one of the most anticipated skateboarding films to come out since Crailtap’s “#PrettySweet”, but also a Neckface masterpiece that could only come from his wonderfully twisted mind. The Chronicles Vol 2 Blazer Premium can be found at finer Nike SB retailers, online, and most recently at your local Nike Town.



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