Interview with JBF Customs

Incomparable, a word defined by the Oxford English dictionary as, “without an equal in quality or extent; matchless.” Many people would agree that Jake Ferrato, otherwise known as JBF customs, work on custom sneaker reconstructions could fit that bill. While Jake has been customising shoes since he was 16 his work this year has really hit new heights, it seems every new project is heavily featured on every website and sneaker blog going. I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Jake a few questions about his work.


How did you get into customising sneakers, did you have a love for the shoes beforehand or was it purely a form of artistic expression?

I started when I was 16. I’ve always liked shoes, yeah, I wouldn’t say it was so much artistic expression… Was more just me being overly picky and being forced to create what I wanted since I couldn’t buy it.


You now have over 30k followers on Instagram alone, Did you anticipate the positive responses and demand for your work?

I could have never anticipated the IG following since IG didn’t even exist when I started haha. I’m blown away and extremely thankful that so many people support and enjoy what I do though.


Where did you get the inspiration for the bespoke python skin customisations? Some people have done similar work before, but yours is viewed as superior by most people.

Hahaha, I’m glad mine is viewed as superior. Honestly all snake skin Jordans aren’t a particularly “inspired” design concept. They just look dope – and it is the Year of the Snake.

Can you tell us anything about your process, from the original concept through to completion? Do you plan out each stage carefully, and how much work goes into each pair you produce?

To tell you the truth I’m not much of a planner at all. I think up the concept and design for a pair, and then just jump right in – I can see the finished product in my head before starting so I don’t do any photoshopping at all. Just kinda trust myself and hope everything turns out nicely. Each pair takes anywhere from 13-20 hours.


Your most popular work has so far been with the Air Jordan range, are there any shoes you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to?

That’s only true of 2013. Previously I did lots of Blazers and dunks etc… I’ve done quite a few shelltoes. I go through phases I guess. I definitely want to rip up some Yeezys just to make all the silly little hypebeast kids angry hahaha.

Wale is obviously a huge fan of both sneakers an of your work, how did that connection first come about, and do you have anything else in the pipeline for him to wear after both recent Jordan 3 customisations went down so well?

His people reached out and placed an order, not too exciting of a story hahaha. I have more stuff I’m doing for him but I can’t talk about it.


It must have been an exciting few years for you up to this point, What’s the next step for the Incomparable brand, and how do you plan to build on the success you’ve already had?

Yea it’s been crazy lately. I’m putting out some shirts and hats soon, hopefully along with some other accessories.

I’d like to thank Jake for taking the time to talk to MidwestSole and give us an idea of what goes into making JBF Customs a success, and I’d really like to see what he could do with those Yeezy’s! Don’t forget to follow JBFcustoms on Twitter and visit




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