Random Rants by @Weaverthegreat

The Random Rants section has so far been MidwestSole’s domain, but I feel like blowing off some steam so I’m hijacking the section for the day. So here’s a few things that have been on my mind…

1. Roshe Run’s. They’re everywhere, they come in a multitude of different colorways and materials and you can design your own on NikeID. Just listing a few examples you have Tie Dye Roshe’s, Safari Roshe’s, Camo Roshe’s, Flywire Roshe’s, Woven Roshe’s, and most recently revealed the Zoom BB Roshe which I think most would agree is something that neither an NBA star or an average guy playing pickup will want to be seen hooping in. I get it, Roshe’s are popular, they sell, but have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? So my advice is let the Roshe Runs chill, put them on ice for a while. Before everybody gets sick of them.

2. Recently we have seen that 2 classic Jordan VI models will be returning early 2014. Both the Infrared and White Infrared’s are penciled in and will no doubt be high on a lot of peoples lists to cop. I don’t have a problem with these retroing, in fact I’m over the moon about it. On one condition though. These releases HAVE to have the Nike Air branding. We know JB are in a position to release retro’s that are near identical to the originals as we’ve seen the 88 3’s and a string of OG 1 releases this year. Keep it faithful, or don’t bring it back.

3. Reebok collaborations. What a year 2013 has been for Reebok so far. There’s been so many great collabs already, and in the 30th anniversary year of the Classic Leather they have certainly been doing it justice. The year isn’t done yet though and there are more on the way. So if you havent been paying attention you still have time to rectify your error.

And finally,

4. The St Alfred x Asic Gel Lyte III. I think this collaboration is now officially a unicorn. Has anybody seen one? Or been able to buy one? I hear that they’re real, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get close to one this weekend with the Euro drops.

Many thanks for reading. Let me know if you agree, or much more likely don’t, in the comments below or on Twitter.


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2 Responses to “Random Rants by @Weaverthegreat”

  1. I agree with the NA Branding. Now that we see it can happen, they should bring back that OG style to more releases.

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