LeBron X Low PE “Championship”


Counting chicken before they hatch? Well Nike Basketball is on-board for that philosophy. A couple photos of a new LeBron X low PE has surfaced. On the insoles in of the shoes it reads: “2-Time Champion and 11-12, 12-13” respectively, which then leads most of the sneaker community to believe this, is a “Championship” or “Watch the Throne” PE of the LeBron X Low sneaker. On this LeBron Low, the layered synthetic upper features first; a green, yellow, and orange print, that appears to ME as a “grasslands” type print. (Please check the picture) As we all know LeBron’s symbol is a Lion: Lions live on the African savanna, which are grasslands, leading me to believe this could be a linked to a “king of the jungle” idea.* The other layer of the upper is a forest green, with a green “fern” pattern all over it, again with a jungle theme.* The upper sits on a metallic green midsole, and it finished off with a mint green full length air unit and mint green outsole. A gold swoosh on the upper really allows it to pop in contrast with the forest green under it. The “grasslands” print is featured on the inner lining as well. Three types of laces are included in is PE. A black with a gold pattern and lace tips, a black with a gold pattern and green lace tips, and finally, the pair I would lace the shoes with, an orange pair with small black speckle and gold lace tips.

Will this pair finally help the flopping LeBron X Low sell? (Pun Intended)

Finally, these are just my speculations on a shoe that pictures were released on. If you don’t agree, let me know what you think in the comments section!

– Cheeto



RUMOR ALERT: IMO The green in the air unit and outsole reminds me of a GITD color. Thought I should just put that out there.



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    […] the part our readers will care most about, two special edition pairs of sneakers. The now infamous “2x Champion” grassland printed lows will be included, as will the red/black/gold Elite PE’s King James […]

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