Talking Point – The Future of Retros?

We associate the sneakers we buy with the athletes that wear them, we as sneaker lovers will forever have memories of their performances tied to the models we covet and own. Deep down we aspire to be like our icons through wearing the same shoes. Who doesn’t want to dominate like Shaq, or cross people over like AI? For nearly 30 years we’ve all wanted to be like Mike, it’s been 10 years since Jordan last played and we still lap up the retro releases, hunt for older models, and call limited releases our grails. We buy the new colorways because the shoes are iconic and have become such a large part of this sneaker culture.

I wonder though, in another 10 or so years will the kids of today thirst after retro Lebron, Kobe or KD releases in the same way? For a start the market is already becoming oversaturated, there are multiple releases every week with a number of colorways regularly being made available in each of the 3 signature lines mentioned above. With so many releases will there only be a call for the most limited of those to be retroed in the future? Sure, these releases sell in large numbers now, but is it too much? Given time every bubble bursts, surely even this thing of ours isn’t immune.

Secondly, how many iconic moments do today’s stars have? Which shoes do you associate them with? Half of Kobe’s best moments were back when he was wearing Adidas, and while the KB 8 may have come back as the Crazy 8 it doesn’t carry his name anymore or the same technology, and isn’t something the majority hunt for. Lebron and Durant don’t have the same catalogue of great moments tied to shoe models as MJ, yet. They may well go on to give us some of the greatest moments ever to be witnessed on a basketball court, in fact I hope they do, but as of now we don’t have anything quite as memorable as dunking on Dikembe Mutombo.

My last point is that maybe these modern lines are just too late to the party. The retro fad may come to an end before Nike have a chance to re release either the James or KD lines. Or maybe I’m just an old man who cant see past Jordans.


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UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon. This is an iconic Finals moment!



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