OG vs New

The retro shoe game is big business, bigger now than it’s ever been with companies other than Nike and Jordan Brand looking to cash in and re-releasing classic models accompanied by a great deal of hype. To name just a few, Reebok brought back the Shaq Attaq, and the Shaqnosis is coming soon. Ewing Athletics have released the 33 Hi, an all time favourite of mine, and have been teasing images of the Focus that have me ready to throw cash at them faster than I can earn it.

Of course Jordan have been doing this for years, re releasing retros and for the most part keeping the production of these models lower than demand so they can do it all over again a couple of years down the line. This obsession that we as sneaker lovers have with retro releases is not going to go away, there is no better feeling than picking up a shoe that you loved and either missed or couldn’t afford the last time around.

I was speaking with a friend of mine not so long ago and he raised an interesting question, that being OG colorways vs the newer designs we see on classic sneakers. He told me he only buys Jordans that MJ wore, for the memories. When he wears the ‘Raptors’ VIIs he remembers the shrug, The white/cement 3s evoke the ‘88 dunk contest (something Nike further cashed in on with OG branding) The ‘Bred’ IVs, well you get the idea.

OG colorways, those Michael wore on court and for classic moments, will always be the most sought after and rightfully so. But to ignore new colorways on classic models is to ignore some great looking shoes. How many that passed on the Laney Vs the first time around will be looking to cop this year? I originally had no intention of picking up the ‘Clover’ 1s citing similar reasons, too many new colorways on the model, but after seeing them in person they were too nice to pass on. The upcoming Fire Red IV is the must have release of the year to me (yes, more than the Grapes or Royal 1s) Releasing on July 13th, the red nubuck looks gorgeous and evokes memories of the much loved red suede V from the Toro Bravo pack.

I’m ready to hand over my cash for another hot new colorway on a retro release, if only the quality matched the look.

But that’s a conversation for another day.

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    As more and more sneakers drop, business grows for re-sellers that comes with each wanted release. It is now getting so hectic that you see people solely buying multiple pairs just to profit off of others that didn’t get the link or get in line quick enough at their local shoe store. This has become a supply and demand business. It is shady and right now the supply is scarce so re-sellers are making out like a bandit!

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