Random Rants by @MidwestSole

We got a decent amount of views on the first installment of this series, so I figured I might as well do it again.

1. If you haven’t noticed what Reebok is doing this year you’re blind. They are really killing it lately, and their collabs have been crazy. The Reebok Question x Sneakersnstuff “Crocus” , the Reebok Question x Sneakersnstuff “Shoe About Nothing” , and the Reebok Question “Canvas Pack are just a few examples, in addition to the regular retro releases of the Kamikaze II, Answer IV, and supposedly upcoming Answer 1. Don’t be afraid to branch out to other brands.

2. Facebook sneaker groups are a waste of time. Aside from the countless useless non-sneaker related posts that will be on your Facebook homepage from being in a FB sneaker group, the kids have no clue what anything is worth, and scammers are everywhere. I had a kid ask me for $350 for Area 72 LeBron 10s; that’s a price we wouldn’t even charge on

3. Why are you buying from people that have had FSRs of Toro (Red Suede) IV’s for months? If you’re buying ANYTHING from someone like that, you own fakes.

4. Just because someone doesn’t like something that you do, that doesn’t make them a “hater”. I hate the word hater. It’s just like hypebeast, people don’t know what it means so they just say it to everyone that doesn’t have the same opinion. I don’t like the Red Yeezy 2s, so I’m a hater? You’re selling for a crazy price and I call you out, so I’m a hater?

5. Quit sitting at your computer whining about missing a release and go to your local stores. Make some connections and make sure they know you by name. If your local shops don’t know you by name, you don’t deserve sneakers.

If you didn’t notice, I (Brad) won’t be running the twitter account anymore. I will post occasionally, but we will have interns making most of the posts and replies. You can always shoot me an email if you want to talk directly to me.


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