Random Rants by @MidwestSole

While the title is low-key biting our guy @deftronic ‘s classic Random Rambos on Deftronic.com , I really wanted to get back into sneaker blogging in a way that doesn’t require me to post every day. As we’ve been growing rapidly, I have been taking on more and more responsibilities, pushing my blogging to the bottom of the  list. Well, we just brought on an intern and that has freed up a good amount of my time. Basically this segment will be a consistent and honest look into my views and opinions on anything sneakers.

1. These KD VI “Meteorology” better not be real. This is one of the ugliest sneakers I’ve ever seen. Replacing the Weatherman’s with these? I really hope not. The KD IV “Weatherman” could not have been executed any better, so in my opinion they should have continued using the same imagery on the KD V, KD VI, etc. If Nike would have kept the “Nerf” and “Weatherman” sneakers alive for each of his new sigs, they would all be classics when we look back from the future.

2. The Fire Red 3 is easily one of the best colorways of the model. If quality is comparable to the ’88 3s from this year I will be very happy to drop retail + tax.

3. The supposed LeBron 11 we’ve all been seeing is receiving a lot of positive feedback on sneaker blogs and social media this week. It definitely looks like a quality sneaker from the few pictures we’ve seen, but the looming question is if it is actually the LeBron 11 or a new LeBron Soldier sneaker. It really does look like a new LeBron Soldier, so my question is, if it does end up being a LeBron Soldier, will all the people previously praising it still buy it?

4. This is just stupid. 

5. The “sneaker game” isn’t dead, it’s just running rampant with idiots. Dropping $1k+ on Yeezys when you only have a part-time job may get you e-fame, but it’s not getting you anywhere in life. Learn the value of a dollar when you’re young, and the sneakers will come easily later. Don’t blow all your money on sneakers; but if you really want to, then spend it HERE.
If you really do love sneakers and aren’t just in it because it’s a trend, then you’ll still love them when you’re financially stable enough to buy sneakers and still pay your bills and other obligations. Be patient.

6. Air Force 1s will never die, get mad.

If you don’t like my opinions, don’t read future posts.

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