Nike, a Reseller!


Would you pay almost double retail for a pair of sneakers from Nike already released at clearance outlets? Hopefully your answer is the same as mine, “No”.

We all remember the “mistake” Photo blue Jordan 9s with the black bottom, well, they will be released tomorrow at a $130 price point on  Truth is that some of these “mistake” pairs have already been sold to the public at an $80 dollar price at two Nike clearance outlets. The Lebanon, TN outlet received some of the Black bottom Jordan 9s in December. Then, Florida City clearance outlet received some of these pairs for its grand opening in February. That would mean that these kicks released at outlets are now going to be released online for almost double the price!

Piecing together the information, a Nike factory made 10,000 of the Black-bottomed Photo Blue Jordan 9. After some pairs have already been sold out two different Nike clearance/outlet stores for 80 dollars, Nike is releasing most of the remaining pairs on their website, or through other retail affiliates at a 130 dollar price point. Including the side note that Nike fiscal year ends the 31st of May, hopefully the picture I am painting is getting much clearer.

Nike is assuming, and is probably one hundred percent correct, that these “mistake” pairs will sell-out within minutes due to these pairs being more “limited”. Nike knows there are too many people that will shell out double retail, and blinded by their own ignorance to catch this mark-up.  Getting this information out here will maybe help eradicate some of this ignorance, and also shows that Nike will take advantage of the people that keeps business thriving just to make another buck, or in terms of the black bottom 9s, a 160% profit increase compared to the outlet price.

The thirst, and the exploitation, is in fact, real.

–          Cheeto



* –> Search Jordan, page 14.

*Even though the regular photo blue Jordan 9 is picture, two of my sources confirmed that this was pictured wrong: the “mistake” 9s were sold at $79.99.


One Response to “Nike, a Reseller!”

  1. johnson creek clearance also got the black bottoms for $80 back in Jan, only like 5-6 pairs

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