Emerica “The Reynolds”


Emerica is proud to release the newest signature shoe for legendary pro Andrew Reynolds appropriately named “The Reynolds.” When designing this shoe Reynolds and Emerica set out to create a good shoe that would last long and skate well. The result is what Reynolds himself calls “the best skate shoe ever to be made…ever.” This is saying a lot considering this is his ninth pro shoe, almost all of which are classics.

The Reynolds goes somewhere The Boss’ previous shoes haven’t gone: its a mid top. The mid top provides extra ankle support and protection from rolled ankles. Due to previous shoes falling off of his feet while skating, The Reynolds has a built in sock liner which molds to your feet, creating a non-slip fit that makes sure the shoes come off only when you want them too. Another common problem with skateboarding, as with many other sports, is proper ventilation for your feet. The Reynolds has you covered with perforated side panels and tongue. The Reynolds also features a one piece toe cap with enhanced sued technology, making the shoe virtually blow out free. The sole is outfitted with a specialized high impact foam, making these perfect for jumping down stairs. The result is what The Boss himself is calling his favorite skate shoe he has skated ever. And with as long a career as Andrew Reynolds has had, that is quite a compliment.

The Reynolds is now available at a skate shop near you.


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